About Us

Logical Distribution Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned, family business founded in 2005. After identifying a need in the market place to provide a more reliable and secure alternative to traditional luggage locks, our first product was created. Since the release of TamperTell luggage security seals, our range of travel accessories has been expanded into an extensive collection of over 200 quality travel accessories.

Our range includes many unique and exclusive products. We distribute internationally recognised brands such as Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales, and locally sourced Australian inventions such as Flight Recovery. Our product range is not restricted to a single brand and therefore we have the ability to carry the most diverse collection of products in the market. We conduct extensive research into our travel products and where we source them from, including local and international manufacturers, which enables us to provide the best value possible.

Our products are distributed Australia-wide through our network of distributors. Through technology and innovation, we ensure your orders are received and delivered quickly and efficiently. We provide our distributors with a complete solution to merchandising, by supplying detailed marketing materials and support.

Our National Head Office and Showroom is located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Contact Logical Distribution for:

  • Corporate Sales
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To contact us, please call (03) 9721 8000 or email info@logicaldistribution.com.au

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